Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A quick update...

Just in case anyone is still following my blog, I will still continue to post homeschooling updates on here periodically.

But I'm far more active on Facebook if anyone would like to friend me on there - http://www.facebook.com/keztol

I also post more regularly on my writing blog - http://kerriepaterson.com/

But a quick round up of my life for those who may be interested.

At the start of the year I began training as an Assistant Scout Leader with Billy's Scout Troop, which is fun. You can read about the hike we went on over the weekend at my writing blog

I've also been having fun learning to be a better photographer by taking part in a 365 Photo Club challenge - the rules of which state you must upload a photo for each day and it has to be a selfie in some way. Either all of you, or a part of you (eg hand, foot, reflection, shadow etc) must be in the photo, and you have to take the photo yourself (can be by timer or remote). For someone who hates getting their photo taken, it's been way out of my comfort zone - which is great! I need that! I'm up to day 73 so far - you can see my photos at http://365.mavenforums.com/365-calendar/?user_id=234

My writing is still a work in progress. I have finished 2 novels, and am part way through the 3rd. I've done the rounds of publishers with my 1st with no luck - now that I've learnt a lot more I think I'll do an overhaul on it and try again later. I'm waiting on a couple of beta readers to get back to me with feedback about novel no 2 before I try the round of agents and publishers with it. I'm still heavily involved in the Romance Writers of Australia and my local writing group, the Hunter Romance Writers.

Billy is doing well - his main passion continues to be drama and film-making. We have found a weekly Scout specialist group that meets every week under the leadership of a former award-winning TV producer (and Scout Leader) and he teaches the kids how to film, record sound and edit. They make videos for their YouTube channel - http://youtube.com/jnntv. It's an hour's drive away for us but Billy absolutely loves it so I don't mind. 

He continues to learn singing and trumpet, Italian and archery, as well as JNN, drama and Scouts, so life is very busy.

I find myself doing a lot of this...

I'll try to post more regularly - but I'm not making any promises!


Unknown said...

Have tried to add you, but request ignored. Knew you from the mums group with Deb Brad and Liz Batty ... used to love reading your updates :(

Kez said...

Sorry Trish - just added you!

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

I must agree Kez. Facebook is where it is happening. Blogging has dampened a little with everyone.

Jonty said...

That's nice. Very best party board game.