Monday, July 30, 2007


We had a lovely time up at my SILs yesterday - good food, good company - it was great to see all of the nephews & niece. It was a late night home though as we stayed for tea as well. I was wide-awake about 1:30am - too much caffeine - and DH was snoring like a steam train, so rather than smother him lol, I got up and did some course work, answered a few emails etc. I was just heading back to bed at 3am when Billy called out - his eyes were stuck together with conjunctivitis again. By the time I got back to bed it was closer to 3:30 - then he woke up again at 7am with the same problem..

So I've been dead tired today but we got a lot done regardless.

* trips to 2 libraries to return books and get more out
* trip to the chicken outlet shop - quite disappointing, they didn't have a lot of stock. I got 2 chickens for $4.50 each - will cut them up for breasts & pieces.
* monthly grocery shop at Aldi & Bilo - probably not a great idea to do on 5 hours sleep with a whiny, overtired child but we're both still intact!!! He did lose TV privileges for the afternoon though!
* prep work for uni tutoring tomorrow

Still on the urgent list is to finish the lesson I have to do for my course on Tuesday - I knocked over a fair bit of it last night but I still need to do the lesson plan etc. I'll try to do an hour on that tonight and that should just leave tidying it up when I get home tomorrow night. It's a toss up whether I'll be more tired tomorrow night or tonight so I'll spread the load lol.

I also still need to finalise the notes for a new course I'm teaching on Saturday. The powerpoint presentation is done, just needs polishing, and then write the lesson plan etc. I'll take that with me to work on if I get a chance between classes tomorrow, otherwise that will be Wednesday night.. By Thursday I should be able to come up for breath - I've got a day working at home. It's still paid work but I can intersperse programming with loads of washing lol.

Catch you all in a few days I'd say..

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