Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There is some hope though..

Well I used the timer today (after I figured out which buttons to push!) and had a short shower - I can't say I *enjoyed* the experience but I have to admit there was a certain adrenaline rush in beating the timer lol.

Just so you don't think I'm a complete slacker, here are some things that I *do* do:

* clean our teeth with a mug of water

* have a bucket in the shower and collect the water while waiting for the shower to heat - this is then used to flush the toilet (most of the time)

* collect the kitchen tap water in a jug when waiting for it to heat - this is used in the water filter

* use any "dregs" of water left in glasses & drink bottles on the garden

* use Billy's bathwater to flush toilets (most of the time)

* only run the dishwasher & washing machine when full

I'm sure there's more - but most of these are starting to be habits by now which is good.

I'm also quite proud of myself for not getting the heater out for the loungeroom yet this winter - I am a real "cold frog". I use a small fan heater in the bathroom while Billy is having his bath, and turn an oil heater on in his room for about 30 mins before bed to take the chill out, but that's it. My aunt gave me a wonderful lightweight polar fleece blanket (with cute cats on it) for my b'day last year which is keeping me wonderfully toasty warm in the loungeroom, along with my uggies of course!


libby said...

Hey, your blog is looking very nice - love the new picture. Well done on water savings.I was doing to water collection in the sink but have stopped. I was using it to water outdoor pot plants but with all the rain we've had our water tanks are very full.


Kez said...

Thanks - that photo is of the view from our front verandah. They're supposed to be building houses on it :(

Libby said...

Oh, my gosh, I assumed you got the photo from someone else. What a shame they are building houses. That happened to my old family home. Where we are know we'll still see over the houses when they are built and the main focus of our home is the back - our yard and a tree lined driveway - we like our privacy. Oh, well, I guess enjoy the view while you've got it.