Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kindy interview

We had our interview today at the Catholic primary school we were hoping to get Billy into next year for kindergarten. We knew places were limited but it wasn't until we got there that we found out just *how* limited they are.. After they take siblings of existing students, they only have a few places left. One of the few questions they asked us in the 10 minute interview was "are you involved in the parish?" and as we had to answer no, I don't like our chances of us being one of the "chosen few".. Our next choice school we were told in the interview was also in the same situation, and we were advised to look at 2 other schools. One quite frankly isn't in a good area & doesn't have a good reputation (and yes, I fully acknowledge that I am a snob lol), and the other is 30 mins away which is an hour's round trip twice a day.. Other than that we may have to look at public or non-Catholic schools. There is a very good Grammar school but there is no way we can afford that kind of money. I'm not sure what the public schools are like as we've always assumed we'd send him to a Catholic school like we attended.. Some hard thinking ahead...

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