Saturday, July 28, 2007

Conjunctivitis update & plans for the next few days

Billy woke in the middle of the night with his eye all gunked together - we'd warned him it may happen, so the actual occurrence didn't phase him, but when I tried to wipe it clean, he screamed & screamed - I'm sure the neighbours thought we were murdering him! Remarkably it was all gone when he woke up later in the morning - yay!!

I played with the budget a bit today to see how we'd go if I wasn't working at all next year. Some belt-tightening but mostly good news :) Did some more thinking which I won't bore you with :)

I got most of my "Getting your business online" course written - I'm teaching that next Saturday so it was pretty high priority. I just need to get a lesson plan together and some timings, and maybe come up with some more activities if it runs short, but at least I have some notes to send through to the course co-ordinator now.

I still need to get my 40 min lesson done for my Cert IV course on Wednesday. It has to be taught twice targeting each individual's preferred learning styles, so I'm still thinking about what I can teach in about 20-30 mins that could be adapted to different styles. Once I decide on a topic it shouldn't take me long to write - I hope!

Monday I need to prepare for uni tutoring the next day - ie go through the lecture & tutorials for the 2 subjects and make sure I've got a handle on them. I also need to get the grocery shopping done, and go to the library on Monday morning.

We have a family "Xmas in July" lunch at my SIL's tomorrow. We may be staying up at my parent's house tomorrow night - not sure what the plans are yet.

I've taken some advice from a few of you and blocked out a day in the week after next for ME! It's marked on the calendar and not to be changed!! Not sure what I'll do but it will probably involve reading & sleeping :)

Pete's down at the football tonight so the bed is lonely... Night all..


Mrs. Pivec said...

Hello, Kez.

I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog.

I hope (from seeing a few posts down below) that you are finding more ways to say "no" to things. It is such a struggle for so many people. I find the worst is that many folks don't take "no" for an answer very well! I don't mean that they are mean or anything, but they then will start trying different ways and tactics to get you to say yes.

Without having homeschooling as a fall-back (because even that doesn't get in the way for some folks enough of the time; it's like they don't consider it a real job or that you are home, so you really ought to be quite flexible), you could just say that you have another commitment already in place at such and such a time. Even if that commitment is to you and your family - or knitting socks or whatever! :)

Boundaries are good to have. Different jobs will always come along, but your child will be your child just once in this lifetime and it is the thing you won't want to miss. :)

Please stop by again some time!

Oh, and I home the conjunctivitis is clearing up - such a nasty thing! I haven't had it for a long time, but when it's around, it fairly JUMPS on me!

lightening said...

I hope Billy's eyes are better soon. I had it last year and it really hurt. But the kids seemed more resilient and got over it much quicker than I did as well. Fingers crossed it's the same for Billy.

Congratulations on blocking out some time for yourself. I think it will pay huge dividends. :-)

Kez said...

Thanks for dropping by Mrs Pivec - I hope you call in again :)

So far I haven't had to say no to anything which is good! Hopefully I can stay strong when I have to!

Billy's conjunctivitis appeared to clear up - and then came back yesterday in both eyes :( He woke up in the middle of the night with both eyes gunked shut :( They seem to be ok now again - fingers crossed because I have to work tomorrow!

Looking forward to next Wednesday and my day off!!