Friday, July 06, 2007

I need to buy tomatoes :(

I started getting tomatoes off our tomato plant in early April and haven't had to buy tomatoes since! Unfortunately we're nearing the end of them so I think I'll have to actually *buy* some this weekend :(

I pulled the plant up about 6 weeks ago and stored the tomatoes in a styrofoam box in the shed / under the house. They've lasted really well - I've just been grabbing about 1/2 kg out at a time. We've gotten 3kg off since I stored them!

I wish I'd kept track of how much we were getting off it prior to them but I only started keeping a garden diary about 6 weeks ago. I posted on 15th April that we'd had 1kg off at that point, and we were getting roughly 1/2 kg every week, so a rough guess would be 6 or 7 kg of beautiful fresh Roma tomatoes from 1 bush! Not bad at all I don't think! What's the current price for Roma tomatoes in the shop??!

Pretty soon we'll be able to start eating from the garden again - I have some peas fattening up on the pea plant, and the bok choy is growing well. Another couple of weeks I think. I'll take a photo later today if I don't get blown away :)


Libby said...

Wow, I've only grown tomotoes in the Summer - didn't realize you could get them this far into Winter. Well done. My poor veggie garden is empty - even the chooks are bored with it. I keep saying I'm going to get planting but something always comes up - today I don't feel so good. Maybe later....
Anyway, you've got me all inspired, even if I don't get to planting I will try to get to planning, and I want to order some organic seeds.


Kez said...

I tried to plant another one to attempt tomatoes over winter but the frost killed it :(

I find ordering seeds always gets me inspired to plant, or at least plan - I'm big on planning, not so big on carrying through lol.

I did actually take the photos today - just have to get them off the camera.

lightening said...

You've done so well. I like the idea of a gardening journal. I should start one of those. In it I can write "I can grow lettuce". LOL. I'm perservering though. Posts like yours keep me inspired that it can be done. :-)