Friday, July 13, 2007

Sick boy..

Yep I was right - he was coming down with something. I think it's *just* a cold, but he's running a temp as well, so pretty miserable with it. And he's male, so it's FAR worse than it would normally be lol. It was a shocking night last night - I was up to him every couple of hours, so I'm tired!

We ended up going to watch the juggler at the library ($5 school holiday activity) as he was so devastated that he might miss it. Billy's really into magic and juggling etc atm - the guy was great, fantastic juggler, magician, unicyclist, balloon animal maker etc etc, really good with the kids, and a few adult asides as well. I even enjoyed it. (Yes Libby - I actually had FUN watching it!). We ended up cancelling lunch & the play date though so JH didn't catch his germs as well. They can catch up another time. (The good news is I cleaned the house in anticipation of them coming anyway lol).

So the afternoon was pretty much spent with him watching a DVD and sleeping on my arm. I didn't get much done - I managed to finish the book I was reading though and bawled my way through the last chapters.

It was "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. The basic premise is a "normal" family - daughter Kate is diagnosed with leukaemia as a toddler, so the parents decide to have a child "engineered" to be a match for her. Anna is born and the cord blood is used for Kate. Fast forward 13 years and many relapses for Kate with Anna being the donor each time - first blood, then bone marrow. Kate is now suffering kidney failure and her only possible chance is Anna donating a kidney. But Anna decides to seek "medical emancipation" from her parents so that she's not forced to do it. I didn't know how I'd go reading it, knowing the basic story line, but it's "un-put-down-able". The ending is just so unexpected that I'm still reeling from it. A definite thumbs-up, and you can't help but give your own kid(s) an extra cuddle...

I've got my sourdough starter out of the fridge making the "sponge" ready to do my first test loaf tomorrow.. If it turns out, I'll take some photos!


libby said...

Hey Kerrie. Hope Billy is feeling a bit better today. I've still got Amy sick - it's the 3rd day too so she's getting rather bored watching TV. There is so much going around at the moment - the kids next door to us are sick too. Glad you and Billy both had FUN at the library.


Kez said...

Yuck - is she any better today? There's a few nasty ones going around..