Thursday, July 12, 2007

A rather unsuccessful day..

Not the best day today..

I had to go and see a client and install some changes I'd made for them. Drove to Newcastle, found someone who knew the password to get onto their machine, and installed the changes. Due to their data being different to the test data I had, I found one change wasn't quite right so had to do an 'on-the-fly' change. Then found one report that just doesn't work on their machine although it works fine on my machine. So I played around with that for a while, but wasn't able to solve it. So I've had to take a copy of their data and will try to solve it here. Which means another trip down to Newcastle.

So I was late leaving there, and had to rush and go and see another client. I'm trying to get their network working for them - I now have 3 of the 4 computers talking to each other, but just couldn't get the 4th talking :( I had to leave there (running late again) and go and pick up Billy from preschool and Pete from the train.

That was 2 jobs I was hoping to have marked as completed today, but have to go back and finish off... Then to top things off, Billy came home from preschool, was really lethargic and fell asleep on the lounge. He's a bit warm, not too hot, but I've given him a homeopathic cold lollipop in the hope that it will ward off any lurgies.. Hopefully he's just tired and not coming down with something. We're supposed to be meeting friends at the library & for lunch tomorrow..


Libby said...

Hope Billy feels better in the morning. Amy is still sick here so we'll have to cancel plans to meet with all my old playgroup (lucky I see them pretty regularly anyway, but not with all the kids).


Kez said...

Thanks - I just left an update on his condition. It's a "male cold" :) Hope Amy feels better soon.