Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Menu plan

Here's my monthly menu plan - just for Lisa :) I usually plan for a "fake takeaway" on Friday nights, and Monday nights are something quick & reasonably light as Pete plays squash. Sun night is baked dinner night! This usually gives us meat for lunches for the week as well. The rest just fits in around our schedule.

Menu is for 2 adults (1 big eater, 1 medium eater), 1 almost 5 year old (small - medium eater). He generally eats what we do - if we're having something too spicy he'll often have noodles, or just a variation of what we eat.

All are cooked from scratch. We usually have some sort of veges with the main, but I make that up as I go along :)

This week:
Mon - meatball subs
Tue - chicken chow mein
Wed - blade steak & veges
Thu - pork & veges
Fri - home made pizza
Sat - (Pete away so B & I just have pasta or scrambled eggs etc)
Sun - (lunch at SILs so nothing planned - will depend on when we get home & how stuffed we still are!)

Week starting 30th July:
Mon - ham & cheese omelettes
Tue - pork chops with balsamic glaze
Wed - spag bol
Thu - chili con carne
Fri - fish & chips
Sat - BBQ Thai spiced chicken
Sun - roast beef & baked veges

Week starting 6th Aug:
Mon - homemade pies
Tue - steak & veges or chips
Wed - rosemary chicken with orange-maple glaze
Thu - hungarian goulash
Fri - pork stir fry
Sat - (Pete away again)
Sun - roast chicken & baked veges

Week starting 13th Aug:
Mon - bacon & tomato pasta
Tue - chicken curry (thai)
Wed - pork chops
Thu - gnocchi
Fri - chicken enchiladas
Sat - t-bone steak
Sun - roast pork & baked veges

There you go - a glimpse into our dinner table! I hope it's provided some inspiration or at least some entertainment :)


Susan said...

Just stumbled across your blog :)
Menu planning is such a great idea. I used to be organised but lately have gotten slack. Doing one month ahead is a great idea and would help with making sure you eat a variety and dont get bored.
well planned!

Kez said...

Thanks for dropping by Susan - I've just been reading your blog in return :)

libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

I too menu plan by the month - makes life so much easier.


Lisa said...

Thanks Kez :) I'm working on my fortnightly one now. Great inspiration and glad you were willing to share.