Sunday, July 22, 2007

Monthly shopping update

Forgive me retailers, for I have sinned -It's been 4 weeks since my last grocery shop :)

I'm going to be able to stretch it out for another week without too much hardship. We'll be near a chicken outlet tomorrow so I'll do a spend up on chicken since we're there, but other than that will just buy fruit & vege, & eggs for the next week. It'll mean powdered milk for the week, and we'll have to be sparing with the butter but we should survive. I'll make sure I have porridge for breakfast rather than toast to spare the butter.

I've just done the menu plan for another 4 weeks - will do the grocery list next week.

Amazing what can be achieved with a little organisation & forethought!


Lisa said...

LOve reading your blog and have decided to stop lurking so much :)Why not post some of your menu plans? I for one would love to see what you cook each night and how you manage a monthly shop!

lightening said...

Well done Kerrie. Do you think it's making a difference to your overall spending or is it too early to tell yet?

Kez said...

Thank you so much Lisa - I read this before I left this morning and it made my day!

I'll post my menu plan just for you :)

J, I think it's too early to tell - I've stretched an extra week out of it though already so it has to be helping!