Friday, July 27, 2007

More minor health dramas..

Billy seems to have had the same cold for 2 weeks, it just doesn't seem to clear up. Then yesterday we got a call from preschool to say he'd been sick - he wasn't running a temperature or anything though, was just a bit quiet. He was sick again just before bedtime, and has been fine ever since. I slept on the floor in his room last night to keep an eye on him, so I'm stiff & sore - I'm too old for camping :)

Then today he seems to have come down with conjunctivitis as well - only in 1 eye at the moment, but trying to stop him rubbing it is almost impossible, so I wouldn't be surprised if it spreads to the other by morning. It's our first bout of conjunctivitis in almost 5 years so not a bad run I guess!! I've given him a couple of homeopathic tablets, but not sure if I've picked the right ones or not, and have just been wiping the eye with a warm wet cotton ball. I've also put a couple of saline drops in his eye. If it's no better tomorrow we'll see what the chemist has to say. Typically, we've got a family lunch on Sunday :(

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