Monday, July 23, 2007

Wake me up in November..

This week starts a bit of a horror run - for the next 3 months..

I'm starting tutoring at the uni for 8 hours each Tuesday - that's until the end of October. The tutoring itself shouldn't be that difficult, but there will be some prep work each week. The major problem is leaving at 7am to drop Billy off at preschool, then drive to uni and get there by 8:30 so I can get a park. Parking at the uni is a nightmare - I had to go to a meeting there a few months ago and drove around and around for an HOUR before I fluked a park :( I won't get home til about 7pm, so that's Tuesdays pretty much wiped out!

I'm still doing my Cert IV Training and Assessment which involves a full day face-to-face each 2nd Wednesday, plus heaps of assignments in between. That finishes in October as well.

In between I have to fit in a few other courses I'm teaching (including writing a new course), and all of the programming & websites I've got in the pipeline. On the family side, it's Billy's 5th birthday in August and he wants a party, and Pete's 40th birthday in September, and he also wants a party! Neither of which will organise themselves.. Not to mention all the usual cooking, cleaning, washing etc etc..

Can I just hibernate until November please?!


The Salisbury Family said...

Wow your life is busy! How did you go with the schooling choices?


Kez said...

Too busy atm :(

I've pretty much made up my mind to try home-schooling, but I'll wait before I make a final decision. I have a tendency to get obsessed with something for a few weeks & then lose interest, so I'll just let it mull in my mind for a month or so..