Monday, July 09, 2007

True confessions

Well I have to admit it - I LOVE a nice, long, hot shower... Especially in winter! It's my thinking time, my 'alone-as-possible-with-a-4-yo-coming-in-talking-to-me' time.. I've tried several times to cut them down - I had my kitchen timer in the bathroom for a while until it disappeared, I tried setting the alarm on my mobile phone and leaving it just outside the bathroom but I had to remember to do it, I've tried a clock in the bathroom (but being blind as a bat without my glasses that didn't work well lol).

So today I lashed out and bought a waterproof shower timer. It's a clock as well so will be useful for hubby getting ready for work in the morning. It was more than I wanted to spend but I only had a choice of 2 where I was - the $3 one was a 4 minute sand-timer which had 2 problems - once again, I'm as blind as a bat so seeing sand going through a timer without my glasses would probably be an issue!, and secondly even if I could see it, it would be too easy to ignore :) A persistant 'beep beep beep' should help!

Will let you know how I go..

(I did take some photos of it, but they have both come out really blurry. I suspect someone has been playing with the camera and stuck their fingers all over the lens again and quite frankly I don't have time to clean it atm..)

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