Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Routines and other ramblings..

I've been slowly settling into a new routine over the last week (and now Pete's on his way home I'll have to start again!). The most important thing has been to limit my time on the computer through the day.

I haven't been setting the alarm of a morning, so it's been wonderful to wake up whenever Billy comes and gets into bed with me - usually too early for my liking, but I love our early-morning snuggles! I check the e-mail after we get up to see if there's anything urgent, moderate any freecycle messages that are outstanding and while I'm having breakfast try to reply to any emails that I can and read some blogs. After that I've been trying to limit the computer usage to checking email & freecycle every now & then through the day, and the times I need to use it for Billy's schoolwork. I might read some more blogs at lunch or afterwards if I get a chance.

After he goes to bed, I get to start on my paid work - which sadly means I'm limited to an hour or two each night if I want to get a decent night's sleep. Not ideal & I have to admit I'm not at my best by then, but it means I can focus on Billy through the day. (I do still have Thursdays when he's at preschool, so I'm saving anything too hard for then!) It's been quite freeing actually - by giving myself permission NOT to be working through the day if there is a spare minute, I've been able to not only play more with Billy (not that that's the highlight of my day, but he loves it!), or be with him while he works, but I've also done more around the house while he's busy with other stuff - and even taken a bit of time for myself to read or do a jigsaw. (I have to be careful not to let this get too much either!!)

Speaking of cleaning around the house - I cleaned the dishwasher filters out today - ewwwww! I have no idea how it got to be so bad since we rinse the dishes before we put them in, but let me say again - ewwwwwww! :)

I had a brainwave this morning of a way that I might remember to water the garden! Flylady suggests adding the routine on to something you already have as a habit which makes sense and has worked for me in the past. As I was hanging the clothes out this morning, I realised that it made sense to tack it on to that task. I usually wash every day or two, and after I'm finished, I can just make a quick detour via the garden and give it a water. Well, it worked today anyway!!!

Oh btw, the jam I made the other day worked perfectly! I don't know that I'd go and buy strawberry, apple & pineapple jam lol, but it tastes pretty good to me! Yet another thing on the list of items I no longer *have* to buy - yes I can if I want but I'm now capable of making it myself :)

Pete should be home soon, so time for this little duck to sign off! Night all.


Ali said...

I hope pete got home safely :)

Crazy Mumma said...

Hi Kez, glad to hear that the jam got the seal of approval, although I'd not have thought to add pineapple, LOL. Pretty easy recipe, isn't it?

Joy said...

I'm also trying to control my computer time :) It is so tempting to spend hours reading blogs.. there are such good ones around.
Enjoy those cuddles while you can :) Kids grow way too quickly! How is the homeschooling going?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie, I've been thinking about you, how are things going ? Routine is probably a word I should familiarize myself with. Computers, well, I am trying to limit myself to a couple of hours at most of the computer per day (including business stuff). How is the homeschooling going - I may need to pick your brain for some resources for next year for my little man - although this is moreso for kindy curriculum rather than school - will fill you in, in my blog.

Kelly Mahoney said...

I definitely spend too much time in front of my computer. Sigh.