Friday, November 09, 2007

I got my hotmail account back!

Microsoft just reset my password for me (after several days of going back & forth with questions to verify that I owned it) - I now have my old hotmail account back.

I guess it wasn't so hard to verify that it had been hacked - all of my emails were obviously in English but the little #$%^@ had changed the language to Chinese!!

I've changed the password etc etc on it - will still keep using the new one, but at least I'll be able to keep an eye on the old one in case something untoward turns up. Or in case someone who doesn't know the new account contacts me.

It doesn't look like anything was touched - no sent emails from it etc, but who knows how far the info has been spread in hacker land..


Lisa said...

Kez, inspired by you I've changed all my passwords and actually cancelled my two paypal accounts. Why I had two I've no idea. I've also just started receiving malicious spam emails with dodgy attachments. I'm wondering if it's related to blog reading, or leaving your address even in a truncated form, for a swap? Have you figured out how the baddies got you?

Kez said...

I'm glad you did Lisa. I think I was just stupid enough to leave my details on the wrong site. Because I was using the same username / password combo for everything, I think they found my info off some other site and thought they'd try their luck with paypal, ebay, hotmail etc. As you know, it worked :(

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lisa, I have received some very dodgey emails of late. Most recently being today for my Paypal details - interestingly enough I dont have a Paypal account ! I have random usernames and passwords for allot of my stuff but I will make sure that I consistently change them from now on. I have also stopped using MSN for now as I have had more than my share of viruses come through via there. I have to add that is one of the things that makes me paranoid about the internet is that you never really know who you are talking to. Unfortunately I have found this out the hard way. Lets hope this is the last of your troubles Kez. Btw you said in one of your last posts that the person took money out of your account, has that been recovered yet ?

Kez said...

Hey MM - the money has been put back into my paypal account pending the results of the investigation. If it goes in my favour, which it should!, then they put it back into my bank account.

I also had a bad experience several years ago with someone online who I believe wasn't who they were making out to be. I never found out the truth as they were in another country, but when confronted with a few inconsistencies with their story they went on the defensive and shut down the forum we were all involved with. I had invested a lot emotionally in "listening" to that person and trying to help them with their troubles - most of which I now believe were made up :(

Anonymous said...

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