Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Adios Senor!

We've just waved Pete off on his trip to Spain. He has a long couple of days of travelling ahead of him - from here, he's driving down to Sydney (2 hrs), he'll leave the ute at Grant's place and they'll catch the train over to the airport. Their flight leaves about 6pm tonight - flying to London, then something insane like a 75 min transfer to another terminal, and a 2.5 hr flight to Madrid. They'll get in late Thursday night our time - and I bet they'll be exhausted!!

They spend 4 days in Madrid and then reverse the process to come home - arriving back in Sydney on Tuesday night. He'll stay overnight at Grant's place and drive home on Wednesday morning...

I think he'll need a holiday to get over that one by then!


Ali said...

it's certainly a long trip for 4 days in Madrid!!

hope you're OK with Pete away :)

libby said...

Wow, that is a whirlwind trip. Hope he manages to sleep on the plane. So what have you and Billy got planned?


Kelley said...

Hope he doesn't have too much fun though! I hope he spends his nights missing you :)

And his days buying you gifts!

Mrs. Pivec said...

Oh, Wow! What a week you've had. I hope you're feeling better now that you're going to be "single" for a few days. SO sorry to hear about being hacked!! You're lucky you caught it so soon - but what a pain!

Kez said...

We'll be fine - it's often easier :)

No real plans - although pizza on Saturday night sounds a go lol!