Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The race that stops a nation..

I thought I'd stumbled into a parallel universe this afternoon when I went "down town" to get some stuff for Pete to go away.. I had to double-check that it *was* Tuesday afternoon, and I hadn't driven in on Sunday afternoon instead.. There were literally 3 people in the mall, it was really easy to get a car park, and some of the shops were shut. Then it hit me when I saw all of the shopkeepers huddled around TVs - Melbourne Cup day! As you can obviously guess I have zero interest in horse-racing, and even less interest in fashion or drinking, so it's not high on my priority list! In fact I think it's a wonderful piece of marketing - to convince people who don't care about horse-racing for the rest of the year to stop what they are doing and watch a race that they don't know much about and will forget the winner of 5 minutes later!!

Anyway I apologise to the bank teller who had to serve me while the race was on :)


libby said...

LOL!!! I agree 100%.

Kin said...

LOL Ya dag!

Meanwhile I've just got home from Hubby's work "lunch" which started at 1pm, and finshed at 6:30pm. At the bosses' house no less.

But at least the kids are quiet.

Our Red House said...

I was asked the name of the winner by someone who didn't see the race less than an hour later and I couldn't remember the name -- just that it started with an "E". I did remember the 3rd place getter though.


Lisa said...

You and me both Kez! It's a good excuse to get dressed up though, I'll give it that.

Susan said...

yes a public holidayhere for it too. I go to the same friends each year for the day and i ALWAYS turn up just after the race. I dont watch the race have no interest (I think I am scorned with horse racing as my dad is a compulsive gambler!)