Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tax is done!!

I started about 10 this morning, worked right through and finished around 3pm. I had to do our 2 partnership returns and then our 2 individual returns - boy I'm tired!!!

We will be getting some money back though which is good after all of that!!


Ali said...

it's a great feeling getting it done isn't it?!

we only did ours a couple of weeks ago and using the e-tax it only took a couple of days for our returns to be in our bak accounts!

Kelley said...

So what are you going to buy me with your extra money? LOL

We did ours through etax like Ali. Didn't take long at all. AND then there was the $600 odd per kid little bonus!

Kez said...

I did our individual returns via etax but you can't do the partnership ones that way - which annoys me greatly!

$600 per kid bonus??! What's that one for? I'll take it if they'll give it to me!

We should also get back our child care benefit for the last fin year and I may be able to get some family tax benefit this year - I think I earnt about $200 too much last year!

I'm looking forward to it arriving in my bank account.

Alita said...

Still to do ours this year. Being a bit slack I know but I will get to it - eventually! LOL!!

I haven't used the e-tax before, will have to have a look at it.