Friday, October 05, 2007

Getting back to normality

A day of running around today - we had to go down to Newcastle so made the most of the trip.

After dropping Pete at work, we went to Officeworks for printer paper - and go me, we only walked out with printer paper :) Officeworks is a very tempting place for me, I just love all that stationery!

Then off to the chiropractor (the reason for the trip down) - he has restored my "natural healing powers" (in his words) and I'm set for another 6 weeks. He noticed I had a bad cold and gave my back a bit of a pounding massage - it was bizarre, I could feel it in my sinuses. Boy it loosened the gunk though, and it's been much better this afternoon. I love my chiro - I've had others when he's been away, but he just seems to know what to do to make me feel good. Not surprising I guess when I've been going to him for about 7 years. I'd run away with him if we both weren't happily married lol.

Then to Jaycar for cable to rewire the tv stuff in preparation for moving rooms around. Speaking of places where I could happily wander for days - yes folks, I admit it, I'm a nerd!! Hopefully Billy will be similarly corrupted so I have an excuse lol. We had a discussion on laser beams and how the doorbell was triggered by people walking through the beam, while we waited to get served.

Off to the shop outside the fish markets for fish, calamari & chips for lunch, then inside the fish markets to buy some fish. Finished the day off at Aldi to do a monthly shopping. Boy it was busy in there - I don't usually shop on Fridays so I don't know if it's normally like that, or if it was because of school holidays, or why. The lady behind me at the checkout remarked that it looked like I was feeding the scouts - rather than explain that I was shopping for a month (while busy throwing things onto the conveyor to keep up!), I just smiled and said "Yes, it feels like it too" :) So she probably thinks I have a horde of kids now lol.

I've been slack for the last couple of months and have just been grabbing stuff without doing a "proper" shop - I haven't been keeping track of finances either so I have no idea how much it has cost me. I made myself sit down last night and make up a menu plan for the month, grocery list and now hopefully that will do for October's shopping.

So here's my now full "stash" shelf in my pantry (or part of it anyway, you can't see the rice, pasta etc), and the freezer above Pete's beer fridge (filled with flour & bread!). I still need to buy a couple of roasts, but other than that, total has been:

* $41 on fish
* $112 at ALdi
* $14 at IGA yesterday


Kin said...

I hear you on office works, it's a very tempting place for me too.

I miss my old chiropractor. He left at the begining of the year and I saw the new guy once, and haven't been back. It's just not the same.

That's some nice shopping! I shouldn't complain really, mine came to about $50 this week too.

Lisa said...

Well done with your shopping, I so wish we had Aldi here in Adelaide!