Thursday, October 25, 2007

A much better day!

Thank you for all the online hugs I received - they're powerful things :)

I got another website redesign sent live today - it's a new look for the one I recently finished ( That leaves me with two more website re-designs, and 2 programming jobs to finish before I can stop work for the year. Yes Lisa - I will be taking time for myself very soon :)

We went out to dinner tonight for my b'day - a new Hog's Breath steakhouse has opened near us, so we went with my parents, sister & nieces. The food was quite nice - I ate too much though! Pete insisted on ordering dessert for me! I was very spoilt and felt very loved.

I'm taking a break until Tuesday so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Ali said...

the website looks great!! Hope you enjoy your break :)

P.S. a belated Happy Birthday ~ hog's breath have delicious meals...glad you were spoilt :)

lightening said...

Have a great weekend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :-)

Lisa said...

happy birthday Kez! Dessert counts you know!!

Lisa said...

Kez - couldn't work out your email address to send you official notification you have been "tagged" for a Picture Me Meme.....see my post at

for the details. I hope you enjoy participating. Lisa x

Kelley said...

Fantastic job on the website! You are so clever :)

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Sounds like you had a lovely time. You deserve it.