Friday, October 12, 2007

Disorganised chaos!

I'm not sure if I'm describing the state of the house or my mind, but either way it fits :)

We're hoping to start the swap of the rooms tomorrow. Pete has run and connected 1 tv outlet and is under the house atm running some more cable to transfer the Austar across. We had a mate of Pete's from squash (he's an electrician) come & connect a couple of 4-outlet power points one night through the week, so hopefully the cabling will be ready tonight or tomorrow. Which means we can move the loungeroom furniture in tomorrow, and then start dealing with the rest. It's going to be like one of those square puzzles where you have to move one square into the empty space to be able to move the next one. Stuff is piled everywhere, and the state of the house is really affecting the state of my mind!

We got our tax back - yay! Mine was quite a bit bigger than I was expecting - it must include some child-related payment like child care rebate - I'll have to wait until the official letter arrives before I know for certain. The cat obviously knew that we were "rich" because she decided to get sick and had to go into the "pet hospital" today. The cost was over $400 even before I walked out of there with blood tests, IV drip etc - our vet charges like a wounded bull. He estimated it would be about $700 if she's well enough to go home in a couple of days - that's assuming they don't find anything seriously wrong. It's never a good feeling when the vet starts a sentence by saying "if she pulls through".. :( I rang this afternoon and she was responding to the drip a bit, will ring again in the morning.

Work has been ... challenging (Hi Emma if you're reading lol!), but slowly getting on top of it I think.

Don't you love a good bargain? I've had 2 this week - firstly I went to one of the chain stores on Tuesday to order a TV unit and asked for their "best price for cash". He gave it to me for $50 off + the $50 it was already on special - I was trying to look cool, calm and collected as if I did that sort of thing all the time, but was doing a little Snoopy dance on the inside! Yesterday I was in KMart getting a present for my nephew's b'day and spotted something that we'd already decided to buy for Xmas for someone else - at almost half price! Needless to say, I snapped it up!

I still need to blog about our trip to see the replica Endeavour on Monday but haven't had a chance to get to it. We'll probably fall in a heap tomorrow night, and have my nephew's birthday party on Sunday.

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