Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My course finished the face-to-face section today - now I just have to write a report about today's assessment task and it's all finished!!! We have about 4 weeks to hand everything in, so I should find out how I've gone overall in about 6 weeks. Hopefully then I'll be fully qualified in Cert IV in Training and Assessment!

It was bittersweet - the class has been together since about Feb, so we've formed some good friendships. As much as I'm relieved it's over, it's also a bit sad to know I'll probably lose touch with most of those people now.

No of days left to teach at uni - 2
No of face-to-face days left at my course - 0
No of assignment tasks to do to finish off my course - 1
No of days I have left to get Billy to preschool by 8am so I can drive an hour to Newcastle for uni or my course - 2


Ali said...

woohoo ~ not long to go now!! :)

Miserly Mum said...

Yes not long now, what will you do with yourself :-P It sounds like you deserve a long hard earned break. I have emailed you :-)