Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A bad day at work

I have over 60 blog posts sitting unread in Google Reader and I just haven't had time to read them yet :( I had over 70 yesterday - I got through some last night, I think I was down to around 50, but it's up again!

Thank you so much to all of the people who leave comments on my blog - you have no idea how much it's appreciated. I'm not being very reciprocal atm, but that will change some day I hope!! To those who have given me awards or tagged me for a meme - thank you, and I will get to it, I promise!!

I've been doing well in regards to Muffin - until a letter arrived from the vet yesterday. I opened it, expecting it to just be a receipt for the final payment but it was a condolence card - complete with Muffin's paw print and a small amount of her fur tied with a ribbon. I dissolved again :(

I really must get my BAS done tomorrow before the tax man harrasses me. I always put it off until the last minute; I just hate dealing with tax!

Pete's off to Madrid next month for a quick trip. His mate won a fantasy tennis competition with the winning prize being a trip for 2 to Madrid - flights, 4 nights accommodation, 3 days entry to watch the women's tennis in Madrid, a tour of Madrid, a behind the scenes tour of the venue and to meet one of the top players. And lucky Pete gets to go with him! They'll be exhausted when they get back though - the flights go via London, so will be a minimum of 27hrs. Plus I don't imagine they'll sleep a lot while they're over there lol. We're not sure of dates yet but it's somewhere around the 8th of Nov that they'll leave. Looks like we'll be doing a unit on Spain with school!

We start school "officially" next Tue - we'll be meeting up with some other local homeschoolers for a picnic lunch on the same day, so that's not a bad way to start the school year! I'm still not entirely organised but I know Billy will be waiting eagerly to start at probably 6am that morning - he won't let me put it off :) I've written an integrated unit of work on "Me & my family" as a starting place and have some maths workbooks ready to go, so it won't be total chaos :)

I'm sure I had a point when I started writing, but it's dissolved into ramble - sorry! Too much on my mind, not enough sleep and too much caffeine!!


Rhonda Jean said...

I hope you had a good nights sleep and you're feeling fine today. I'm sorry to hear about your beloved cat. It's really sad when we lose our pets. But you also finished uni and that is monumental and one of life's great milestones. Congratulations.

We have a fairly large homeschoolers group near here and they often get together for picnics and outings. We give them the bus from our Neighbourhood Centre to take the children to various locations for joint learning sessions. Having spoken to a few of the mums and dads, I know they all get a lot out of their shared outings. Good luck with the homeschooling.

Briget said...

What a lovely gesture by the vet to give you that memento of Muffin. I can understand why it would be so hard to look at now, but it will be nice to have when the feelings aren't so raw.

Good luck with the homeschooling, you sound very organised already.

Ali said...

sorry to read of your bad days....
{{hugs}} reading blogs can wait ~ you and oyur family is what's important :)

Lisa said...

Kez, you are spreading yourself a bit thin aren't you? I hope there's time in your busy busy life for something that is special to you. Bloke gets to go OS. Boy gets to start homeschool. I really hope there's a massage or a morning tea with a girlfriend in there somewhere for you. If I close my eyes and squeeze and wish hard enough....I'm looking forward to reading your posts on the homeschooling experience. lol x

Kez said...

Thank you for all the hugs - Lisa, you made me cry with your concern. (In a good way of course!)

I had a much better day today. About to post about it.

Kelley said...

We all get caught up and behind (I am guilty of that too) so don't worry about it babe.

:) re the card from the Vet. What a wonderful gesture.

Lucky Pete! Sounds like a wonderful adventure. He better get you a fabulous tshirt LOL.

Good luck with school. You will get into the swing of it sooner than you know. I haven't technically homeschooled, but DS's therapy was similar. The first few weeks were tough, but then we got into a routine.