Monday, October 01, 2007

Productive day

Despite a shocking night's sleep because Billy has a bad cold & had a restless night, I did get another site live today ( Still 1 or 2 things to finish off tomorrow at the back end but it's up there! A lovely site for the lovely Emma :)

As I said Billy has a bad cold, and is running a bit of a temp, so he's alternated between sleeping, being clingy and running around as if he's fine! I'll probably keep him home from preschool tomorrow to be on the safe side.

We inherited some desks recently from my sister, so we rearranged Billy's room today and put one in there. He's so excited - wants to start doing his schoolwork there straight away! If he's at home tomorrow, I'll print out some worksheets just so he can get to do something :)

Tonight has been the first Monday night in 10 weeks that I haven't had to prep for my uni tute the next day - it's been very nice!!

I think that's it - tired, not making sense, off to bed :)


admin said...
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Emma- Diva Promotions said...

Well lookey what I found!!

I never knew you had a blog Kerrie! I was checking my site stats and had some visitors from 'kez's Blog'. I thought 'what tha??"

And here I am! Love it Kerrie!! I will bookmark it (hehe!!) and visit often!!

Kez said...

Welcome Emma :)