Sunday, April 27, 2008

Look at this!!

Sunshine!!! We've had almost 2 weeks of rain, so it was wonderful to see some sunshine this weekend - and get some clothes washed & dried!

Mum & Dad came over on Friday afternoon, so Mum could look at my sewing machine. It's one I 'inherited' from her - it's at least 35 years old, bright orange and as heavy as a small car - and needless to say, hasn't had a lot of use from me! Last time I tried to use it, it caused me all sorts of angst, so I wanted her to see if she could fix it, if not, I'd put my order in for a new one for Mother's Day.

She tested, tweaked, and twiddled with things I didn't even know were on the machine, and finally got it working.

So Saturday I got creative -

What is it, you ask?! A hanging toy organiser for some of Billy's little toys and stuff he uses at bedtime.

Here it is in situ - in hangs on the side of the bookcase next to his bed.

And here he is practising to be a 'Sale of the Century' model... (Don't ask me - I think he was a mix-up at the hospital!)

Sunday I got creative again - I picked up a bolt end of curtain material at Spotlight for $3 - it worked out to be $1/m!

Billy has pigeon holes in our school / craft / play room to hold craft stuff, and it always looks really messy..

Ta da - curtains to hide the mess!

I'm really impressed with myself - as long as no-one looks too closely lol.

Sewing has always been one of those things I thought I couldn't do - well, I think I've proven that I *can* do it. It may not be pretty, and I won't be dressmaking any time soon, but I can sew straight(ish) lines!

I'm finally realising that no, it's not as good as my mum could do, but then she's been sewing for 40+ years!

Speaking of stuff I never thought I could do, while at Spotlight on Friday I bought a set of those knitting looms that Lightening has been having so much success with, and some wool on special.

Let's just say a) there is a reason there is no photo of my 1st project lol, b) Billy liked it though and snapped it up as a 'blanket' for his stuffed animals and c) I really, really enjoyed it!

Does anyone have any easy patterns for them?

Stay tuned!!


libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

I can't believe what bad weather there has been the school holidays - so glad we escaped the 2nd week :-).
Great going on the sewing. It's something that's been on my list for the last few years. We have a machine - I just need to get dh to show me how to use it again and have a play (yes, he is the sewer in our family :-)).


lightening said...

Your sewing projects look GREAT!!! Go you!!!

As for looming patterns. I have to admit, I cheated and bought some books. However, there are quite a few patterns to be found online. You just have to have time and patience to find them. :/ Try googling "loom knitting" or "loom patterns". Or "round loom". There are rectangular looms as well which seem to have a lot more patterns online.

Here are a couple of links which might get you started:

Hope that helps. :)

mummabare said...

well done!!

you know I failed sewing in highschool lol...I spent most of my time sitting out the front of the room in trouble...shhh

yay for you! get know its addictive.

Kez said...

Thanks everyone!

Libby - Kevin really is multi-talented isn't he?!

Lightening - thanks heaps - will check the links out.

Mummabare - they used to make us learn to sew on paper in sewing class until we could sew a straight line! It was a wonder I ever graduated to material - I think she got sick of me :)

Alicia said...

You did such a good job on the sewing! I love the fabric and they look fabulous! My sewing machine and I don't get along. I would love to be better. Maybe when there aren't so many small children about. ;)

LOL at the "sale of the century" modeling too! What a cutie!