Friday, April 11, 2008

The Adventures of Spiderman and Ninja Turtle

Almost every night Billy likes to make up adventures with his toys. I'm often "privileged" to watch them. The heroes are always Spiderman and Ninja Turtle - with a supporting cast. When this photo was taken (by Billy - he was making a movie!) the supporting cast were Mr Tickle, Buzzy Bee and Dinosaur - the bee and dinosaur have now been usurped by a rocket.

The adventures almost always include harm befalling one of the characters (falling off a cliff / down a hole - ie off the bed; getting lost in a cave - ie under the covers etc) - tonight Ninja Turtle fell off the cliff. He uses a variety of tissue boxes as props - stage, vehicle, buildings - whatever the situation calls for - I even get used as a prop at times (eg ramp!).

Ninja Turtle's backpack (aka Rescue Pack) transforms into a variety of useful tools ('Ahhh rescue pack, coming to the rescue' for those familiar with 'Go Diego Go'). And what adventure wouldn't be complete without a song and / or song and dance routine.

Ah the fun of having an imaginative child!!

(Oh and seriously - despite the fact that I think most of those things in the photo above are McDonald's plastic crap - we really don't eat it that often. Honest!!!)

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libby said...

Awe, too cute. I love sneaking up on Christy and watching her play. Like Billy she has a great imagination.
Oh, the new-look blog looks great too.