Thursday, April 03, 2008

Are we a more selfish generation?

I don't remember my mum ever moaning that she needed "me time". I don't remember her ever taking time out for herself. (Then again my sister and I were probably such angels that she didn't need it!)

Did that generation (I'm 37) just put up with it, or were they more content with what they had?

How do you learn to be content and to appreciate what you have? Or is it a case of having opened the Pandora's box of discontent that it can't be contained?

I'd love to hear any thoughts.

ETA Twilight zone music - I just read the latest post from Zen Habits. I've skimmed it and will have a proper read in the morning..


Lightening said...

I don't think we are more selfish. I think the pressures on us are different. Life seems to have taken on a hectic pace that is very hard to slow down. Meaning we seem to need more of a "break" to be able to cope and keep up.

Maybe you had a very good mum. Mine seemed to need HEAPS of "me time".

Crazy Mumma said...

I don't know, I think that our mother's and grandmothers had much more social time within their local community than we do now. I remember both my Mum and Nan were heavily involved in things like the CWA and there were large groups of women who got together to do tasks like killing and dressing chooks and preserving fruit. All the kids got together and ran riot in the background while that was going on, so it was like communal baby-sitting, while the women worked and gossiped, LOL. Nowadays we are lucky if we get a chance to duck out for coffee with a gal pal once a week. Our generation are much more insular than previous ones I think, maybe that's why we need "me" time?

Kez said...

Very true Lightening - there is a lot of expectations to have it all and do it all. it's hard to step off the merry-go-round.

Excellent point Crazy Mumma - I hadn't thought of that but you're probably right.

From a few other comments I've had, my mum must've been in a minority. It's a shame that she didn't take more time for herself - she was a wonderful artist when she was younger but didn't do much of it while we were growing up. She's finally back painting again - and is doing fantastically! I wonder how frustrated she felt not doing it when we were kids?

debra said...

My mom said she never wanted 'me time'.  There were no 'Moms nights out' in the 60's & 70's (at least for her). But I do think there was more social time during the day for them - more moms were at home so once the kids hit school they had that social time.  I am noticing that the older my daughter gets (she is 6) the less 'me' time I feel like I need - she is more independent I guess so I get time when she is playing on her own.