Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Impressions of "An Hour for the Planet" challenge

This was written last night:

"I'm sitting here in bed taking part in my first An Hour for the Planet challenge. It's 9:19pm, I started at 8:30pm. The only light left on in the house is Billy's toilet light - he doesn't like to go to sleep without it. I must find an alternative.

I've been sitting here by candlelight jotting down impressions - it's hard to find a comfortable spot where I can actually see what I'm writing so I've finally given up and turned the torch on so I can write. I feel like I'm cheating!

My strongest impression is how tired I feel. You don't realise how strongly electric lights interfere with our body clocks and internal rhythms. I feel like I'm camping when you're ready for bed by 7:30!

The air is quite chilly tonight. My arms are feeling the nip of autumn while my legs are toasty warm under the doona.

It's quiet now. Earlier the gentle sounds of night were all but drowned out by the CD Billy was listening to as he went to sleep. I've just been in to turn it off and cover him up again.

Now I can hear the tick of the clock, and the occasional "creak" of the frogs in the pond. Before there was the calling of a bird flying overhead - I can't identify what it was but it brought back memories of sleeping in the van outside Gram & Pop's house at Bonnell's Bay.

I have a single tealight candle burning in my oil burner. The oil I used last was a "relaxing" blend - I can smell it subtly on the air. There's also a hint of eucalyptus - I was burning it this afternoon to help Billy's cold.

I feel very relaxed - the hour seems to have lasted much longer. I've learnt that it's impossible to do anything by the light of one candle!

I'm about to chase away the mysterious shadows and the warm yellow glow of candlelight and return to the world of electric lighting - but only long enough to turn a light on to welcome Pete home. Then I'm tucking myself back into bed to sleep."


Lightening said...

LOVED reading your impressions Kez. I hope you plan to do that again. :)

Emma said...

Kerrie, that was beautiful! It makes me want to do the same!

Melinda said...

Wow, that was beautiful, and sounds very peaceful. I'm always struck by what happens to the rest of your senses when you dim the lights.... suddenly you hear and smell things you hadn't noticed.... I love your post!

emma.jean said...

Sounds very inspiring! I'm thinking I really want to watch House on TV tonight but after that (9.30pm) I'll turn off all the power points (except the fridge, phone and fishtank) and lights... will have the added benefit of hopefully encouraging me to sleep earlier too.

Anonymous said...

I have nominated you for a award - details are available on my blog - thanks for the beautiful post.