Thursday, September 30, 2010

Regional Cuboree

Well, we both survived the cuboree.  Just :)  Billy had an absolute blast - he was completely exhausted by the end but still raring to go!

Each area was separated into their own sub-camps - our Lower Hunter district had about 80 kids.  They slept about 4 - 5 to a tent.  Each of the 6 or 7 areas had to set up a 'base camp' with activities around the pirate theme - the groups rotated around the bases over the 2 days (with about 1.5hrs on each base).

As a parent helper, my job ended up being helping on our base.  It meant I spent about 4.5hrs on the Saturday teaching kids to fold pirate hats, and about 3hrs on the Sunday teaching them how to make a pirate bowling game (we had a session off each day).  Plus I helped out around the place whenever I could.  I was completely and utterly stuffed by the end of it!

It was all good fun though - and the kids loved it all!  I didn't get to see many of the activities, but I know they did things like rock climbing, a flying fox, lots of water games, making pirate accessories like guns, spyglasses & hats, more water games, laser tag and heaps more!  They watched a magic show on the Saturday night.

Considering the number of kids there (about 600) it was all very well organised.

Mess tent where meals were eaten - the cooking was all done by a QM team for our group.  The kids were responsible for washing up their own plates etc (note the washing up stand in the foreground).

This was our sub-camp - kid's tents on the right hand side and in the middle, leader's & parent helper's tents down on the left hand side.

Lining up for meals!  With about 80 kids and about 20-30 adults to feed, each meal was a big production line!

One of the activities on our base - air powered cannons shooting tennis balls at targets.

Rock wall

Flying fox


Kylie said...

oh wow that looks totally awesome and I can only imagine how tired you guys would be. I was a girl guide growing and I went to one of those huse jamboree type weekends all I can remember was that it was massive!!

Libby said...

Oh, Kerrie, you are such a fabulous Mum to go on something like this. Glad Billy had a great time, and that you survived :-).


karisma said...

Looks like fun! I have not been on a camp like that since my girls were little (they did Sunbeams and Moonbeams with the Salvation army) it was fun back then, but I was way younger! LOL