Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jollybops Science Show

Last Friday we went along to a science show that had been organised by a homeschool mum from the Central Coast. It was really informative, and very funny (or should I say 'punny'!).  It was presented by 'Dr Popoff' and 'Rusty the Robot'.

Natural Phenomena and Energy – for Yr 3- Yr 6 (1 hour)
This show delivers a barrage of high energy experiments. Visually dynamic demonstrations are used throughout the show to show transformations of energy. Students will learn about the explosive fuel of the future, hydrogen, see many items freeze and shatter under the stress and strain of the super cold liquid nitrogen, watch materials burn, watch air crush an aluminum can, learn more about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. The material is presented in an entertaining and engaging manner. Comic interplay between the two characters, The JollyWizard and his humorous sidekick keep all students totally engaged, without compromising the scientific integrity of the highly informative scientific content.

Lots of dry ice which always makes for a fun show :)

Making slime..

Smoke rings with a 'smoke ring maker' (garbage bin filled with smoke with a hole cut in the bottom and a sheet of plastic on the top)

Trying to burn a balloon filled with water..

And the best fun - igniting a balloon filled with hydrogen gas!


karisma said...

So I take it, it was fun? I see a few familiar heads there! LOL! We thought about coming but just could not seem to fit it in. Norty me! I am told it is apparently holiday's now??? I don't have time for them...mind you the kids are once again totally unschooling this week, we had a an excursion on Monday, went to the rock pool on Tuesday and then the kids had sleep overs Mon and Tues night. I can't believe its finally quiet...or is it? hmmmmm...

Kylie said...

Very cool!!