Thursday, September 23, 2010

What was I thinking?!

Tomorrow I'm off for the weekend as a parent helper at Billy's regional cuboree - a Cub camp for kids in the region.  It's a big region.  There are about 800 kids going.  What was I thinking???!!

This will be Billy's first camp ever and my first camp in about *cough* 20 years...  We've had to go out and buy sleeping mats (thank you Aldi for having them on sale today), sleeping bags and various other bits & pieces - we will be all set up from now on though!

I have no idea what my duties will be yet.  Whatever they are, it should be an experience :)

Hopefully I'll survive to blog about it!


Out Back said...

I am sure you will just fine and will have heaps of fun!

Good luck Kez!

Melissa said...

Have fun!!

Kylie said...

800 kids Oh My!!!

I bet you have a fabulous time!!

karisma said...

Oh it sounds like loads of fun! I wish I could come! :-)

We are going camping in a few weeks but may only make it for a day or two due to transport! Gah! One of these days I really MUST learn to cave my fears and ahem....learn to drive!

You should totally come too! Its on the NLNL group.

Louise said...

You 2 will have so much fun, my Mr11 is going on his first scout camp next weekend.

Kylie B said...

Oh Kez, I hope you had fun... I had the worst experience of my life as a helper at a cubs camp. Will tell you that story another day- but basically I found it to be a mass production by school teachers (cub leaders in their real jobs), with no resemblance to real camping and no learning of life skills, as they make out is what scouting is all about. My kids begged to leave, one jumped in the car and threatened to drive across the barbed wire fence and out just to get away. (and thats my quiet kid!)Not a good experience. :(
Hope to hear your time was great though!!!