Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ugh! Where did the fat suit come from?!

I don't weigh myself, I avoid full-length mirrors and cameras, and I've been ignoring the fact that my clothes are getting too tight. So it's been quite a wake up call to look at some recent photos of myself and realise the "extra 1 or 2 kg" my mind thinks I'm carrying, is in reality more like an extra 10kgs. My BMI calculation puts me just into the "overweight" category, and my waist measurement is just under the "increased risk of chronic disease" measurement...

Hmm, sobering..

I don't want to throw myself into a diet & exercise regime that won't last - I need to do babysteps. We very rarely eat takeaway, but I do have a weakness for chips (crisps). I tend to grab for carb foods rather than fruit when I want a snack, and I lead a rather sedentary life.

First baby-steps:
* Cut my daily sugar intake in half by turning my "white with 2" tea into "white with 1"..
* Eat 1 piece of fruit / day
* Get off my backside and be active!! (still to be determined exactly how!)

I'll try not to bore anyone, but I'm going to try and report in each week. Feel free to skip!


Michelle said...

I can totally relate. I told myself once I hit 30 (which was last month) I'd cut out some of the junk and get myself in shape. I'm only slightly overweight but I don't feel healthy and my clothes just aren't fitting right.

I'll be eager to read future posts regarding this. We can support each other as we go. :)

Kylie said...

I'm in the same situation Kerrie, and I'm going to join you in your quest to lose weight. I'll start by getting some scales- an apparatus I've avoided for years.
Thanks for spurring me on.

Suji said...

Ugghh...my computer has gremlins. tried to leave a comment agreeing with you wholeheartedly on this and wanting to follow you on this journey and my connection gave way LOL. And guess what the word verification is for this comment? "Faiking"!! Imagine that. No I'm not faking when I say I WILL reduce the sugar in my coffee. LOL. Good luck Kerrie.

libby said...

It's not easy Kerrie but I think baby steps is a good way to go. I've gained a couple of kilos too and need to get them off so my clothes fit the way they are supposed to. I look forward to follow your progress.


Missy said...

Oh, I'm so with you! Even though I'm much more active than I was even 6 months ago, i can't seem to lose the weight! So, I'm starting a modified weight watchers tonight....er, tomorrow...:) Good luck!!

Tracy said...

I cna relate. I'm trying to get my lifestyle healthier too. Hang in there you can do it!