Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sunday - a day of reflection and planning

You may have noticed that I tend to do a flurry of posts on Sundays. Sundays have turned into my planning day - my day to reflect on the week just finishing, and plan for the week ahead.

Reflection of the week includes:
- wrapping up what we did for the week in school, and doing any record-keeping
- doing any financial record-keeping and balancing

Planning includes:
- menu planning for the week ahead,
- writing a shopping list if needed,
- working out what we're going to do in each subject for the school week ahead,
- doing any cooking or baking ahead of time,
- working out what activities we all have on, and making lists of anything that needs to be done while out or in preparation,
- working out what paid work has to be done, and sometimes writing quotes or invoicing,
- sometimes writing a couple of blog posts (like this one!) and scheduling it to post sometime in the week ahead,
- making sure work clothes & sports uniforms are washed & ironed.

Having my week planned out like that frees me up to just do it without thinking too much through the week. I know what I have to do, where I have to be and what I need to take with me.

My Sunday is certainly not a day of rest, but it's vital to make my week go better.


Miserly Mum said...

Oh Kez, how I wish I could plan my week now - I think I had forgotten how busy you get and how little time you have for yourself when you have a little baby in the house - not that I am complaining xx Linda

Kez said...

lol - I can imagine Linda! Not that I want to go back to those days at all :)