Friday, March 20, 2009

Homeschool Day - Jamo Jamo West African Dance & Drumming

I haven't blogged much about our fortnightly homeschool days as separate posts lately, but they've still been going on quite successfully (apart from an odd disappointing behind-the-scenes back-stabbing, but hey, you get that!)

Anyway I had to post about the one we had on Monday. We'd booked a local drummer & dancer (originally from Senegal) to come and give us a workshop and it was sooo cool! We had over 50 kids turn up, so they had to take turns using the drums, but I don't think anyone minded. The amount of time they got each I think was quite adequate - apparently it was pretty hard on the hands :)

The artist, Fode Mane, was awesome! He taught without saying much at all, just by directing & showing the kids what he wanted them to do. He did speak for a little while, explaining about the drums and how they were used.

He started with the smaller kids - I think 7 and under, and taught them some simple rhythms. Then the next age group, and finally the older kids (and some brave mums!). With each successive group, his rhythms got more & more complex!

After everyone had had time using the drums, he then showed them how to do some West African dancing. The kids had an absolute blast doing it all!

More photos in the Photo Gallery at Homeschooling in the Hunter.


Lightening said...

You do some awesome stuff with that homeschool group. If we lived closer, I'd homeschool my kids!

Kez said...

lol thanks! You will be soon anyway - or at least caravan-schooling :)

mummabare said...

now that looks like REAL fun!
Congrats on an awesome day xx

Michelle said...

Hello! I've recently awarded you 'The Wonderful Blog Award.' You can stop by my blog to 'collect' it whenever you're ready. :)