Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sew busy...

I had a busy afternoon on the sewing machine yesterday.

A friend of Billy's was having a b'day, and I knew this boy loved cooking, so I "ran him up" an apron. Then of course, I had to sew Billy one as well! We gave his friend the apron today, and I think it went over well.

I'd also bought Billy some boxer short material last trip out to Spotlight, so I made him a pair of boxers. It was the first time I'd sewn using an actual pattern, and it would've been much easier sewing satin with an overlocker (if I'd had one), but they look pretty good. He likes them anyway :)

Oh, and I did learn a valuable lesson - do not cut a pattern out while talking on the phone; you might make a mistake and have to start again :)

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BusyWoman said...

The old saying was measure twice cut once - the modern saying should be measure twice with no distractions from any technology, cut once.