Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend away

.. sans child!

Pete & I went down to Sydney over the weekend for a bit of rest & relaxation, and to 'get cultured'.

We left on Friday, dropped Billy at my Mum & Dad's house, and headed down the freeway to Sydney. We didn't do a lot once we got checked in to the hotel, a bit of shopping, and back to the room for some reading and a nanna-nap, before heading out to a little Italian restaurant for a very yummy dinner.

Saturday morning we went shopping for some work trousers for Pete (and happened to get sucked into a bookshop - with a sale on - as well!), then headed down to Circular Quay. We had a quite revolting pie for lunch, then we went to the Opera House to see The Alchemist, performed by the Bell Shakespeare Theatre company & the Queensland Theatre company. I quite enjoyed it, but I did find myself nodding off in the middle of it - I think it needed an intermission :)

We had a completely forgettable dinner out that night (we weren't doing well with food on Saturday), then back to the room. We switched the lights out for Earth Hour - I spent the time people-watching out of the window. (Mr Boxer-shorts, I don't care if you do live on the 17th floor of an expensive apartment - you have other tall buildings around you - please put some clothes on or pull the curtains!!!)

Up bright & early on Sunday morning to drive back to my parents and collect Billy. He'd had a great time - going to the beach & Fighter World, and playing with his cousins. Then we headed over to my sister-in-law & brother-in-law's house for their kids' party. Yes, the triplets are turning 3!!!

Lots of chatting & eating later... We got home about 8:30pm, and were all in bed not much later!

So now I'm completely disorganised for the week and there are bags dumped in the hallway that I probably won't get to unpacking until Wednesday, but we're home after a good time..

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The Tin House said...

hmmm, thought I was the only one who left those bags in the hallway?
Lisa x