Friday, March 13, 2009

Sick Computer :(

My computer is sick... It started last Sunday morning when it had problems starting up. I've spent far too many hours trying to fix it - at the moment the majority of the functions are working but enough aren't (like my wireless network connection) to think that a drastic rebuild is the only solution..

So that's my job for the weekend :( I guess looking on the bright side it will be a chance to clear out all of the unused programs that have crept onto my machine in the last 3 years. And a fantastic way to check if I really am backing up all the stuff I need to be. *gulp*

I'll be able to access email on another computer, and hopefully will be back in the world of blog very soon!


belinda said...


I hope the process is as painless as possible.

Kind Regards

The Tin House said...

eek. That doesn't sound like a fun weekend.

Kudos on the grocery challenge. I was in coles yesterday with a tired 2.5 year old and bargained away $2 on a packet of bubble blowing stuff. It kept him amused for the time it took me to get around the aisles. Had I been better prepared perhaps I could have worked out a cheaper option but yesterday, it was worth every penny!!!!! I am in awe of you even taking it on in the first place.

Lisa x