Sunday, March 01, 2009

Because that's the way we've always done it...

I've heard a story several times that sticks in my mind about a lady who cuts the end off the piece of meat before roasting it. One day her daughter asked her why she did it - "because my mother always did". So she rang her mother to find our why she did - "because my pan was too small"... So for years she'd been cutting the ends off the meat, because "that's how it was done"..

I've been on a 'quest' lately (inspired by my friend Helen on the other side of the world who doesn't have a blog that I can link to even though she should!! *hint hint*) to look at how I do things and see if I can improve or simplify things.

Sometimes it's as simple as moving things into a different place - putting most used things in a place where they are most accessible for example. I had one cupboard that the microwave stuff always fell out of when I was reaching for other things - I don't have a microwave atm, and while I have no plans for another one, I don't want to throw away what I have just in case. So duh - move the microwave stuff to the back. Done!

I had another epiphany today. My current routine is to fold the clothes at the clothesline (except when it's really windy or about to rain), then bring them in to the kitchen table, sort them into piles by owner, and then take those piles into the appropriate room to put away. Well, that's the plan - more often than not, the piles stay on the kitchen table for a few days until I get around to it. Today, instead of sorting at the table, I sorted on our bed. I didn't even need to create piles for Pete & I - I could turn around and put the clothes straight away. Then a stop at the towel cupboard at the hall, and into Billy's bedroom to put his clothes away. I think it will work well.

It's just little things - but they all help simplify my routines, and give me more time, a cleaner house & indirectly more money.

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