Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grocery Challenge Wk 4 and 5 of 6

The Challenge: To only spend $25 / week on groceries for the next 6 weeks.

The Result (Wk 4):

I wasn't supposed to spend any money this week at all, since I doubled-up last week. I couldn't resist the siren call of the ice-cream truck though :( (Or more to the point, the nagging of the child who heard the ice-cream truck!)
Spent $6 - tub of ice-cream, $4.70 - eggs

The Result (Wk 5):

Well, the peasants are revolting... I've decided to cut the challenge short. The immediate aim - to get us over a shortfall in the bank account - has been met, and I'm getting the vibe that I need to spend again!! At the end of this week I'll go back to "normal" spending. I might need to do another smaller challenge in a month or so - it depends if clients start paying their bills!

Spent $29.95 at Aldi - Eggs, cereal, cheese, salad veges, potatoes, bread.

Total Spent:

Groceries: $133.80 / 5 weeks = $26.76 average / week. Pretty good!

I have $100 in the "butcher" envelope ready to stock up on meat.

It's been a valuable exercise, it achieved it's aim, but now it's time to start restocking on staples - and add a few luxuries back in for the poor family members :)


libby said...

Personally I think you've done fantastic.


Lightening said...

Well done Kez! You should be very proud of those efforts. I really need to do one of these challenges myself one of these days.

Miserly Mum said...

Congratulations on doing so well for so long Kez - you should be very proud !