Friday, April 03, 2009

How are the babysteps going?

I had a surprising number of 'me too' responses in reply to my weight loss post. Several of you said you'd be joining me on my journey - fantastic! So - how's it going??!

I won't be weighing or measuring myself until Wednesday, but I've:

* been eating at least 1, often more, pieces of fuit each day
* cut down the sugar in my tea successfully
* been trying to make an effort to move more through the day - and have even done a few sit-ups (just a few, I don't want to rush things lol)
* generally been more aware of my food choices - apart from the first day when I had a complete pig-out :(

So babysteps are underway here. What about you?

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Michelle said...'re way ahead of me, lol! :) I've written down in my planner 'exercise,' but we got caught up in assembling a little green house and sowing some seeds that it just ain't gonna happen today. Next week, definitely. :) Thanks for the push, I needed it.