Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In - Wk 3

Weight loss from last week: 0 kg
Total weight loss overall: 0.5 kg

Obviously going away for the weekend and eating ice-creams & fried food, and drinking coke is not conducive to weight loss :< I was hoping the amount of walking we did would counteract some of that.. Funnily enough, while the scales aren't showing much loss, my jeans are starting to feel more comfortable.

So finetuning my babysteps to kick-start the weight loss again:

* Cut my daily sugar intake in half by turning my "white with 2" tea into "white with 1".. Done - not even missing the extra teaspoon now
* Eat 1 piece of fruit / day - Still doing, even while we were away. Will kick this up to 2 pieces / day.
* Get off my backside and be active!! (still to be determined exactly how!) This is where I need to focus. So more specifically, I'm going to start with 1 x 20 min yoga session per week, and 2 days exercising for 20 mins - most likely walking.

Once more into the fray, my friends..


libby said...

It's so not easy Kerrie but I think you are doing great.


Michelle said...

My mother, who is a fitness buff, says that initially the scales won't show much in terms of weight loss, but that you will lose size. Maybe this has to do with losing fat, but gaining muscle, which weighs more. Sounds like you're doing great. We're going to have some time off after this week, so I'm hoping to get going with my weight loss plan.

Kez said...

Thanks Libby! How are you feeling?

Thank you very much for your info Michelle - I like the sound of that reasoning :) Good lick with your plan!

Em said...

I think I need to join you on this. The scales have crept up over the past couple of years to the point where I am at my highest weight ever :(

I eat pretty well but don't exercise at all, beyond the moving around I do as part of my job! I indulged today and bought a treadmill from Target (it is on special, better price than used ones) so hopefully that will make a difference. I LOVED the treadmill when I could afford a gym membership because it is easy on my knees, and I am not huffing and puffing in public :P

Now to just haul the darn thing up 2 flights of stairs so I can start using it and join you in watching the numbers go down and the pants loosen :D