Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's the little leaks that are the problem..

I'm getting pretty good at saving up for the more expensive (say $100+) purchases, but boy the little amounts add up quickly..

I just added up the unbudgeted expenses I know we have coming up next month. It's mainly $10 here, $20 there (mostly for homeschooling activities), but all up there's $100 that's just not budgeted for.

No wonder I'm having trouble balancing the budget!

I've made a list of the amounts I know about, worked out where I can cut to get the money and stuck the list to the fridge to remind me to not spend anything other than that!


Meyser said...

I completely get it, sometimes I have the same problem. This month I have an exceptional 40 € left which I didn't plan to have left. That was a nice surprise :)

Anonymous said...

I find exactly the same hing. We are trying to live our of envelopes at the moment. We work out our budget and have a seperateenvelope for each expense (e.g. petrol, groceries, fun etc). I end up raiding envelopes all the time so i may as well not budget!

Suji said...

I wish I could be as disciplined as you are with this Kerrie :P

Budgeting is one of my weakest points apart from resisting sugar-laden food.

Just wanted to also thank you again for suggesting the Jackie French books...we're really liking the few we managed to find at the library :)

Kez said...

Well done Meyser!

LittleEcoFootprints - I end up doing that with envelopes all the time too.

Suji - if I was disciplined about it, I wouldn't keep having the same problem :) Glad you're enjoying Jackie French - which ones are you reading?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kez, just wanted to let you know that I havent vanished off the face of the earth and have been reading your blog - Im still taking some me time but wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts xx Linda aka Miserly Mum now Thrifty Mum).

Kez said...

Thanks Linda - hope things are going well with you.