Sunday, April 05, 2009

Our week of learning - 5th April

English: We focused on handwriting a bit more this week - the letter 'k' in his handwriting book, plus copywork on two other days. As much as he complains about practising, it is improving his writing.

He learnt about adjectives and did an exercise on nouns, verbs & adjectives.

Lots of reading each night.

Maths: As well as the MEP lessons, we read about the history of numbers in a DK book called "Think of a Number", and Billy learnt the Roman numerals 1 - 10 (or I to X, I should say!)

Science & Technology: We attempted to look at the salt crystals under the microscope but didn't have a lot of success. I think my bargain a couple of weeks ago in picking up a cheap microscope may have been a waste of money..

He also used a software program called "Cartoon Maker" to create an animation on the computer.

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): We're between units atm, so he used the Become a World Explorer and Become a History Explorer CDs.

Creative & Practical Arts: In drama class, they were practising emotions again.

LOTE (Languages other than English): Reviewed Spanish colours by doing a Spanish colour-by-numbers.

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education): Circus class - this was our last circus class with that particular place. I haven't been happy with it for at least half of the term, the format just hasn't suited Billy's abilities and learning style. I had planned to call it quits anyway after the term, but in the meantime I have found another circus class that's local to us that appears it may work better.

Life skills (cooking, gardening): Still focusing on making it a habit to make his bed.

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