Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In - Wk 4

Weight loss from last week: 0.5 kg - yay me!
Total weight loss overall: 1 kg

The exercise I've started doing has obviously helped! This week I've been for 2 x 15-20 min walks (one up a steep hill!), I did a 20 min yoga session and I've picked up Billy's skipping rope and done a few minutes on it a couple of times (boy is it tough after 30 years lol!). Eating has been healthy but not extreme.

So 1 kg loss in a month - not lightning fast - but I have lost 3cm off my waist, so something is happening!


Kin said...


I started on Monday. No junk food, 7.5km on the bike on Monday, 20km Tuesday, so far 10km on Wednesday.

I've given myself 9 months to lose 20kg, although 8 months would be better.

Lightening said...

Congratulations Kez. That's great. :)

Michelle said...


I'm just now getting going with my own 'plan.' I'm doing yoga, running, and doing a workout. I'm aiming for 5-6 days a week; I'm so desperate to get some of this weight off! The last time I tried to lose weight, I was doing 3 days a week and nothing happened, so I'm hoping a more aggressive approach will work.

Keep up the good work!

libby said...

Great going Kerrie. While might not seem a lot if you keep it up you'll have lost 12kg+ in a years time. I REALY need to follow your example with the slow and steady approach.