Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In - Wk 2

Weight loss from last week: Big fat 0 (but at least no weight gain!)
Total weight loss overall: 0.5 kg

I'm disappointed, but not in the least surprised! I've had a bad head cold all week which has made anything more strenuous than getting off the lounge a chore. And it was Easter - and hot cross buns slathered with butter are too hard to resist (not to mention a mini choc egg or two!).

So begins a new week...


libby said...

Well done. Not gaining over Easter is a huge success. My scales have me at the highest weight since my lowest weight loss surgery weight. Not good. I've now gained nearly 6kg from my lowest :-(.


Suji said...

Aaaargh...let's not talk about weigh ins (sob). I was a bad girl over Easter and worse today...couldn't resist another haagen dazs binge.

Lightening said... cross buns with LOTS of butter was my downfall over Easter. I'm not even GAME to get on the scales right now. :(