Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No spend month Day 5

Monday was a successful no-spend day. All I bought was chicken from the outlet chicken shop, & fruit & veges from the greengrocer. I'm trying to avoid doing a full shop until at least next week - unfortunately for the rest of the family that means powdered milk to drink! (I don't mind the taste so it doesn't worry me at all - that's all I have in my tea now anyway). I will need to buy meat later this week, but have found a couple of meals from the freezer. With Pete being on the CSIRO diet (low-carb, high-protein) atm, it makes it hard - I can't just fill everyone up with pasta or rice :(

Tuesday - all I spent was $10 for sheets at the op shop (and you'd agree they were essential spending if you saw our current set!), and $3 for parking at drama - the classes are in the CBD so I can't avoid parking fees. I usually go to the cafe next door while Billy has his lesson and buy a drink and something to eat - not necessarily because I'm hungry but just for the chance to have an uninterrupted snack! Instead I took the thermos that Mum & Dad gave me for Xmas on it's maiden voyage! (After burning my hand AND my tongue I now know that it keeps the water quite hot lol)

Today we stayed home so no spending.

Boo on yet another interest rate rise :(

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libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

What a great start to your no-spend month. I did think briefly about joining you but I'm not in the right place mentally to do that at present. In fact I've been spending WAY too much... but on things I still consider essentials (like new winter clothes). Still I'm hoping your month might get me inspired to try this - possibly in May.