Saturday, March 08, 2008

How to make an 18th century American farmer's outfit...

Well, my version anyway!!!

Take one old business shirt (make sure hubby has finished with it first!!). Remove collar and buttons ..

Soak in coffee overnight to make it brown..

Do lots of cutting & tacking to make it fit a 5 year old, sew up the bottom half of the front seam , thread leather thonging through the top and sleeves. Then team with a pair of black trackpants, long black boots, and a 'fur' hat from the dress-up box (it was supposed to be winter!) Oh, and the ever-popular hessian bag :)

For an outfit that cost me nothing, I'm pretty pleased with it!!

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lightening said...

Excellent work!!! I'll know where to come next time I'm stuck for a dress up idea. :)