Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm now a sports mum!

I've now joined the ranks of being a "sports mum" - not a "soccer mum" but an "Auskick mum"!

Billy had his first session at a team sport on Saturday. We've enrolled him in Auskick - the junior version of AFL (Australian Rules) for 5 - 8 yos.

Saturday was a Gala day for the start of the season, so teams from all around the region were there. They split them up into teams and had 4 stations set up with different techniques to learn - ball-handling, kicking, catching & handballing. They did an hour of that (!) and then split them up again to play a modified game. Billy was totalled stuffed by the end of it!!

He was one of the little ones, most were older kids who had played last year, so he did ok for his first time - despite the fact that he suffers from my lack of co-ordination! I was proud of him because there were no tantrums, he didn't run back to us crying - he was obviously totally exhausted but kept going. That's big for him - he tends to be quite unsure in new situations. We had tears before we left because he said he was "a bit nervous".

The coaches were really good with the kids though - giving individual attention to each one. When they were playing the games Billy & another kid on the other team were totally stuffed and lagging behind, so not getting a touch of the ball and getting more dispirited. I noticed the coach made a point of including them, let them have a kick as well, at one stage one of the coaches lifted Billy up so he could catch the ball. I was very impressed. The emphasis was very much on fun not competition.

The players all got a free sausage sandwich and a drink, plus since it was a gala day he got a sticker & balloon. He was very happy!

Pete will be taking him most weeks, but I'll have to take him along on the weeks that Pete can't do. I have to say I'm looking forward to the days when Pete takes him - time to myself!! I worked out today that the last time I had more than an hour to myself was over 3 months ago.. Yes, I was feeling down and sorry for myself today :) Pete was down in Sydney watching the Swans and I was trying to pretend I wasn't there so that I could get 5 minutes to myself - Billy kept finding me though :(


The Tin House said...

Kez, I foolishly signed Tom up for soccer last year...I say foolishly because soccer field sidelines here in winter are NO place for a 5 month old baby, a 3 year old and let's face it, a total wimp of a mother who needs thermal underwear INSIDE! He enjoyed it. That's something I suppose. We're doing it again this year...oh, the humanity....

Kez said...

lol - hopefully our winter's aren't as bad - or at least hoping that's it's warm on the days I have to take him!