Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Spend month Day 18

Monday - grocery shopping today. $94 for groceries, fruit & vege to hopefully do us for the fortnight. I'll probably need to buy some ham at the butchers later in the week (our butcher makes the nicest ham!) I've taken the rest of the money out of my wallet and tucked it away so it won't get "accidentally" spent..

Tuesday - I sucked!! I'm blaming hormones :( My hair was driving me insane needing a cut - I was seriously considering grabbing the clippers and giving myself a #2! I still haven't heard back from the LETS lady to organise a time to cut my hair so I succumbed and went to the hairdresser.. $23 later - but boy it felt good!!! My morning had been really busy and frustrating - everything I touched went pear-shaped. I was dropping things, burning things etc etc.. Once I dropped Billy at drama I had to go and buy Easter eggs for the Easter bunny to deliver - and I was powerless to resist the diet coke & chips that jumped into my basket :( So all up $28 I needn't have spent yesterday.

Onwards and (hopefully) upwards!

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libby said...

Hey Kerrie, stop being so hard on yourself. You deserve to feel good so a haircut is kind of a necessity. As for the coke and chips - really not too much of an indulgence if you ask me :-).
Okay, I know how to make you feel better - I spent over $100 at the scrapbook shop when I just "stopped in to see what was new" :-). See makes your indulgences look pretty moderate doesn't it? :-)