Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No spend month Day 11

Saturday - filming, lunch was provided so no-spend. Tick.

Sunday - stayed home so no spending. Tick.

Monday - Pete's on a course this week with work, so his lunch is provided. That will save some money on packing lunch for him! Tick.

Unfortunately we had to pay a toll fine for the trip we made to Sydney last month - apparently we somehow went through an eTag Toll Booth and since we don't have an eTag we got charged the $1.30 toll AND a $10 "administration" charge.. Not happy Jan.. Especially since the eTag spot was on the entry ramp between 2 free roads so we didn't actually travel on any toll roads at all :( Cross.

Tuesday - a few essentials - parking, chiro, health-food shop. Unfortunately we were out for the day and I couldn't be bothered making a picnic lunch - I've made too many lately :( So we went to Hungry Jacks for lunch :( In my defense I did plan it, and it was paid for out of my allowance but still.. Cross.


libby said...

I think you're doing great Kerrie. Me, not so good, esp. if you take into account the $90 vet bill I had for one of our chooks :-).


Emma said...

Hi Kerrie, Thanks for posting on my blog about Brownies today. It's always lovely to see a new face. Your blog seems very interesting, I am always thinking about treading lightly on the earth.

You're doing an amazing job at tnot spending money this month! What an inspiration.